As time goes …

so often we go through life wanting what we dont have.

Straight hair wants curly . Light skin tans to become darker. Thick wants skinny AND believe it or not , I am meeting skinny who wants thick. This  supports the ole’ saying ” you want what you can’t have”

I think it is time to stop and examine what we truly have.

I had a birthday, wedding anniversary , children birthday, holiday and funeral all in the past week. I had a extremely intenese work week and in the end . It is helping me realize that not even do I need to change how I view my life and react to life but also having me realize I need to acknowledge each moment but not plan. My husband has always told me to just slow down and not panic and especially not over the things we cannot control or address now. Things that are much easier said then done BUT can be placed on goals .


Raising a family

Career / education.

How to balance and enjoy the moments at same time

Easy , do not dwell on ‘ happiness’ but fufill yourself and the day, with what gives you joy and makes you smile.

Do not ignore your pile of to-do’s or needs but assess accordingly .

then you will have your peace……




I never realized how much I worry about the most ridiculous things until I grew up , and I do not mean turning 18. I mean growing up mentally. realizing life is not lollipops and gum drops.

I can be having a normal ordinary healthy day and for some reason start to feel some kind of way and then bam’ ! the panic mode comes in. It does not even start with a important legit concern.

My worst is relationship issues

For what ever reason, my mind will scramble on a rough day and I will drive myself nuts over did I make a mistake, questioning so much but knowing and feeling secure the next minute. I truly feel I need something of a sabbatical and I think I may take it .

I know how my heart feels and I am secure of what I want . I love my children and my husband and what we are creating but for some reason some times i don’t want

to call it a doubt because heart fully i do not feel a doubt of any kind and i get so frustrated when my mind starts to behave in such a way

Why do we go through this ??