Wow , I  am a outsider..

It use to bother me that I was not always welcomed by the cool crowd ,as a child and as young adult .

Now I see the same in my children and am trying to embrace who my child is and protect my child from Bullies.

It is a blessing to be a outsider

I wake up hoping I can love , laugh, smile, find joy in the moment.

I will make mistakes , I cry, i will ache, I will get frustrated and in a moment I will lose sight I am sure.

I  realized in this moment before logging in , I am a outsider.

( love the song Outsiders : Needtobreathe )

I do not fit ‘in’ to what is the ‘IN’ ..

Sometimes I look around and my jaw drops , what ‘ are ‘ we doing , where has the self respect , respect and basic foundation of morals , and what life is ? ‘

( I snort when I laugh )

I laugh at what ever I want to, and some times 5 mins after a joke.

I do not  care who others love . be friend .

unless it harms me or my family , it is not my place to comment.

I do not look so far ahead because I know I am not in control.

(I have learned )

I live I love ,

I tend to my family’s  needs .

I love when I can , I pray almost hourly. I do what I can for others when I can.

( I am to serve)

I do not allow myself to be bullied , I stand my ground on my beliefs yet I do not push them on others. I try to respect all .

I hope all women accept themselves , love them self and find fulfillment with in .

” Start by doing the necessary, then the possible, and suddenly, you are doing the impossible”  St Francis of Assi.




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