THINK before you …

Thinking before you act ? that is said to be best advice anyone can recieve.

It invovles more than just to think, when you pause before you speak or act.

You what ? breathe, in through your Nose out through mouth. might even step back from where standing to do so. You are adjusting your mind, body and soul.

We have so many situations where you speak, act and/or involve self in a situation where you are either experiencing impulsivity, emotion or simply NEWTONS THIRD LAW. {every action has a reaction }

Child has bad day , you ask to complete a chore, he runs mouth , you send him to room with mood, husband comes home , your mood is directed to him from what just happened then its a explosion.  Child mood, rubs on your mood, your mood rubs on husbands mood  and its a domino affect.

Advice :

You are Thinking…

She says’ I’ll frustrate others from the moment I take before I speak, Thats exactly what happens when my husband is silent but its because he says he must assess it first’. Realizing god gives you your life partner to learn & grow together.

in end it is talked through instead of screaming through… personal,profession and/or other.


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