You have a Pile ……

I am back to work today . I have the greatest ONC patients …. One says you are not yourself, I say oh theres just so much….

She says stop, imagine yourself at your desk. It is a pile of organized , prioritized stack of papers. The wind blows through the window and the pile scatters all over the floor.  { what is going through your mind }. Are you going just leave them ? pick them up and throw them on the desk ?  NO.

Its called , OVERWHELMED

You need to BREATHE, you pick one up and see its not a important paper. So you realize you must  pick each one up and organize them by priority.

In life , you need to find a way to prioritize. It may be needed but is it need now, can it wait or is it simply out of your hands ? some things we hold on to with hope we can edit and its not even possible.

She made a key statement, when feeling frustrated ,overwhelmed, manic… Look outside the window at nature , look back in at your family, breathe in through your nose out through your mouth, and smile. You have all that you need and now its just a daily living.

I am in school, trying to care for and provide for my family with my husband . when i dont have class, working or off that day Iam at much more peace. To care for all my responsibilities. I know now today more than ever . I need to prioritize my pile.




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