When you are benched !

When you play softball & baseball.  or a sport in general

When you play the game and are benched or ‘thrown out the game’. You are upset, angered , frustrated , feel alone while everyone else is playing.

In life I feel being benched or thrown out is a blessing. When you go through something that gives you a shock and have no choice but to sit on the bench and watch life before you or go to the video to watch a replay. You realize so much that you are grateful for the set back’ .

Some times we need to be stopped in a our tracks and look back. To learn and grow as adults because we do not just turn 18 and know it all , though many think so.

Wake up, have a cup of JOE. and know that you are giving a brand new 24 hrs to smile and live . We are not to look back and dwell on how the day before went. Hoping you have chosen a positive support circle to continue your new 24.

You can take it to Matthews ‘ Do not worry’ OR Pema Chodron : when things fall apart.  Or whatever motivational literature can help you . Point is move forward  and improve . Do not acknowledge and still stay in the PITT

This week I have had some time to myself and time to accomplish chores and ideas, as my family is enjoying summer break and I had some repetitive days off. This is my first full week of blogging and enjoying it.


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