I never realized how much I worry about the most ridiculous things until I grew up , and I do not mean turning 18. I mean growing up mentally. realizing life is not lollipops and gum drops.

I can be having a normal ordinary healthy day and for some reason start to feel some kind of way and then bam’ ! the panic mode comes in. It does not even start with a important legit concern.

My worst is relationship issues

For what ever reason, my mind will scramble on a rough day and I will drive myself nuts over did I make a mistake, questioning so much but knowing and feeling secure the next minute. I truly feel I need something of a sabbatical and I think I may take it .

I know how my heart feels and I am secure of what I want . I love my children and my husband and what we are creating but for some reason some times i don’t want

to call it a doubt because heart fully i do not feel a doubt of any kind and i get so frustrated when my mind starts to behave in such a way

Why do we go through this ??




3 thoughts on “Worrying

  1. I think something is triggering those thoughts. You can’t help it right? I used to be very paranoid of my baby’s safety, when I had my first child, that is. And not only until when I had my second child then I came across an article saying that depressed mothers usually have paranoia. In your case, something might be triggering your anxiety… I hope you can get past this phase soon 🙂


    • lili, Yes thank you ! .. I dont know exactly is triggerring it . I have read books and seeked a therapist and there was no underlying reasoning I could find .
      I know that no matter who i speak to the answer is in me . I need to find my zone.

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